Powder Compression Molding Press Machine

We Design, Develop & Manufacture Fully Automatic CNC Programmable Powder form Cold Compression Parts molding Machine Witch Generally Compressed with Hydraulic System.

Our first priority is trying to achieve best possible optimal Solution and trying to Balance the Power to Productivity Ration for our Customers Required Product.

Compressing Powder Material: PTFE/Teflon Powder, Ceramic, Sand, Metallic and Other Powder Compounds (with & without Moisture Content)

Types of Press: Single-Action, Double-Action, Triple-Action, Multi-Action Hydraulic Press Machine as per Customers require Product.

Operating with: Touch Screen CNC Controller System

Our Basic Automatic Compacting Processing Sequence:

Powder Entering in Machine System
Powder Filling in Hopper
Powder Filling in Cavity of Die (with & without Shaking/Vibration)
Powder Compressing (with & without Multi Stages Compression)
Powder Compression Holding time (if required)
Compression Unloading
Ejecting the Finished Parts
Collecting Finished Product
*this Sequence Usually may be varying with Customers required Product and by new Innovation and technique.

Best Production Capacity: Generally, we achieve 6 to 8 Second of one Cycle time for Fully Auto Press Machine. *this Cycle time is may be Decrease/Increase with Customers required Product.

We have best solution for uniform density Powder Compression to achieve uniform strength throughout the Part.

We have also best solution for to Ejecting problem for throughout the uneven shape of the Compressed Part.

We manufacture the Powder Compression Molding Die set (Single/Multi Cavity) which Designed with easily Ejecting the Finished Parts as per our machine capacity.

We are also able to Develop processes which before and after the Compression process as per your required Product.

List of Powder Compression Molding Press Machine

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